Health & Safety Policy

  1. The owners of Quarrybeck Pool intend to provide safe and healthy conditions for its visitors and to ensure that it’s activities do not adversely affect the health and safety of visitors or others. This is an integral part of our operation.
  2. Compliance with legal requirements is the minimum acceptable standard are we are committed to progressive, cost effective improvement.
  3. The owners of Quarrybeck Pool will review this policy at least annually and will revise it as often as is appropriate.
  4. Appropriate financial and physical resources will be provided to implement the policy.
  5. The management of health and safety is a prime responsibility of the owners but the objectives of this policy can only be achieved with the support and commitment of all visitors. Compliance with the policy is a condition of entry into the facility.
  6. In order to gain the full commitment of visitors, the owners of Quarrybeck Pool will ensure that:
    • All visitors are aware of the facility rules for health and safety;
    • The owners and any representatives receive appropriate information and training, and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities.
  7. Expert advice will be obtained where necessary to determine the risks to health and safety within the establishment and the precautions required.
  8. Duties and responsibilities for matters of health and safety and risk control systems for the implementation of the policy are set out in our Pool Operating Procedures manual. Additional notices are posted around the facility highlighting individual requirements.
  9. The owners of Quarrybeck Pool will ensure that this policy and its objectives are understood, implemented and maintained. This will be achieved by periodic auditing of those systems to ensure their adequacy and effectiveness.
Normal Operating Procedures
Pool DimensionsWidth5.5m
Depth - Shallow End1m
Depth - Deep End1.8m
Pool Temperature29-31°C
Bather LoadMinimum (swimmers)2
Maximum (inc. pool/non-swimmers)At owners discretion.
No groups of under 18 year olds in pool without supervision.
Young persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
First Aid EquipmentA First Aid Kit is situated poolside on the Deep End wall.
Emergency Numbers999 for Emergency Services / 07740 419 000 for Alex Mitton
LifeguardThere will be no lifeguard present; signs are installed at poolside to indicate this.
Emergency Equipment2 x Life Rings, 1 x Hoop/Long Pole.
All emergency equipment is situated at pool side and is checked daily when the pool is operating.
Pool Hazards (These have been Risk Assessed and addressed)
  1. Access & egress from car parking area
  2. Access to pool from changing room
  3. Access around poolside and Hot Tub
  4. Lighting and glare
  5. Slippery surfaces
  6. Sharp edges on floors and walls
  7. General housekeeping
  8. Water depth and changes in depth
  9. Pool edge definition
  10. Electrical equipment
  11. Emergency exits
  12. Eating or drinking within pool areas
  13. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs before pool use
  14. Incidents, accidents and injury (inc. reporting procedures)
  15. Supervision and Lifeguard
  16. Young persons
  17. Misbehaviour
  18. User health issues
  19. Poor, weak and/or non-swimmers
  20. Diving or jumping in the pool
  21. Inflatable and play equipment
  22. Faecal fouling
  23. Use of pool covers
  24. Water quality
  25. Changing rooms
  26. Unauthorised access
  27. Fire
  28. Infections
  29. New and expectant mothers
  30. Tiredness and fatigue
  31. Plant Room
Awareness of Pool Hazards to Users
  1. Notices in changing room and at poolside
  2. Depth of pool shown in meters on signage in pool
  3. Depth change marked with line on floor and wall
  4. Health Check document signed by all pool users
  5. Normal Operating and Emergency Action Procedures provided to all pool users
  6. Verbal and/or digital instruction and reminders where necessary
User Health ConditionsAll pool users must be in good health when using pool and facilities. If adults or children have had an incident of sickness or diarrhoea within the last 48 hours they are not permitted to use the pool or spa.
Accident RecordingAll minor and major injuries must be recorded in the accident book.
General Hygiene & Safety Instructions
  1. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult swimmer.
  2. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  3. No glasses, drinks or food to be taken in to the pool area.
  4. Any plasters or bandages must be removed before entering the pool.
  5. Persons with ear infections or sore throats must not use the pool.
  6. Pool users must wear appropriate swimming costumes (baggy shorts, outer wear, pyjamas, etc. are not suitable).
  7. Inflatable ‘play equipment’ is not allowed in the pool or surrounds.
  8. Pool users must not wear any swimming cap with a chin strap.
  9. Diving and/or jumping in to the pool is not permitted.
  10. Children who are not ‘potty trained’ must wear suitable nappies to prevent any release of faecal matter.
  11. All areas to be left clean, tidy and safe by the users after each session.
  12. Smoking is not allowed in any building or on any part of the premises.
  13. Outdoor shoes must not be worn in the pool or surrounding areas.
  14. Persons with verruca(s) should not use the facility unless with a suitable verruca sock.
  15. Doors to changing rooms must remain closed when not in use.
  16. Plant Room is to be locked at all times (only the owner or representative to access).
  17. Jewellery such as earrings, necklaces and/or bracelets must not be worn in the pool. Only plain rings should be worn.
  18. Valuables should not be brought in to the facility, no liability for loss or damage will be accepted by the owners of Quarrybeck Swimming Pool.
  19. Any swimmer behaving inappropriately (using bad language, acting unhygienically, damaging property or equipment, misusing safety equipment or creating a nuisance) will be asked to leave the pool immediately and will not be allowed to use the facility again.
Safety ResponsibilityAll users of the pool have responsibility for their own safety and that of others in the pool/facility at the same time. Overall responsibility for the facility is Mr Alex Mitton who can be contacted on 0774 041 9000.


If you discover a fire:

Immediately raise the alarm
Dial 999, to call the Fire Brigade (from a safe position)

When the Fire Brigade replies, say distinctly:

Quarrybeck House

Leave the building by the fastest/safest escape route and report to assembly point:

Assembly Point Location: Next to garage on the Car Park.

Close, but do not lock, all windows and doors.
Do not stop to collect personal belongings.
Do not re-enter the building unless told by the owners or Fire Brigade that it is safe to do so.

Fire Marshals on site: Mr Alex Mitton

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